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Belpastry-Bag-Lift Depositor

The Belpastry-Bag-Lift Depositor is a groundbreaking innovation in the filling of pastry bags, designed to streamline your production process. This volumetric stainless steel depositor is mounted on a mobile frame that is pneumatically adjustable in height, allowing for easy changing of mixing bowls and buckets. The turn-over system enables effortless removal of mixing bowls, while the depositor pumps products directly from the mixing bowl, allowing for quick clean-up when working with different products. With a power rating of 98 l/min at 30 deposits/min and 7 Bar/102 PSI, the Belpastry-bag-lift 600 Depositor offers a speed of approximately 10 pastry bags per minute, making it an efficient and reliable addition to your production line.
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