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Gear Assembly For Filler Units 3 L, 8 L & 15 L Single Outlet D 22,2 Mm, 2 Lobe Type Impeller (F/A Synthetic), Pump Cover (F/A Synthetic); Incl. Lid


Use: The MFA000818 Gear Assembly is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance the functionality of your filler units. Ideal for single outlet devices, this assembly can accommodate 3 L, 8 L, and 15 L units. It includes a 22.2 mm, 2 lobe type impeller made of food-approved synthetic material, and a matching pump cover, ensuring optimal performance for a wide range of products, from soft to heavy and aerated.

Specs: The assembly comes complete with:

  1. A 2-lobe type impeller, 22.2 mm in size, made of food-approved synthetic material. This impeller can handle soft, heavy, and aerated products with ease.
  2. A pump cover, also made of food-approved synthetic material, offering secure closure for your filler unit.
  3. An included lid to ensure your ingredients are protected during operation.
  4. A capacity to handle soft and hard particles with a maximum diameter of 15 mm.

Compatible Machines: This gear assembly is a versatile component, compatible with single outlet devices equipped with 3 L, 8 L, or 15 L filler units.

SKU: MFA000818

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