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Stainless Steel HOPPER DIVIDER (for Single-Outlet Machines fitted with 4-gallon Filler Units)


Use: Enhance your baking capabilities with our Stainless Steel Hopper Divider, ideal for single-outlet machines fitted with 4-gallon Filler Units. This tool allows you to separate different fillings within the same hopper (e.g., for marble cake batter), enabling simultaneous deposit of two diverse fillings into the same vessel through a single spout. This is an excellent accessory for optimizing your preparation process and expanding your culinary creativity.

Specs: Made of durable, food-grade stainless steel for long-lasting use and easy cleaning.

Compatible Machines: This hopper divider is compatible with the Mini-Fill Electric machine and fits perfectly inside all 4-gallon (15-liter) Filler Units.

SKU: MFM000600


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