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Spout Handgun Pneumatic For Single Outlet D 22,2 Mm/M42 Thread, With A Flexible Silicone Hose With Stainless Steel Wiring D 25,4 Mm X L 1100 Mm; Incl. M42 Synthetic Nut;


Introducing the MFA006408 SPOUT HANDGUN PNEUMATIC, a versatile tool designed for precise and controlled depositing of various products. This spout is designed for single outlet use with a diameter of 22.2 mm and an M42 thread. It features a flexible silicone hose with stainless steel wiring, measuring 25.4 mm in diameter and 1100 mm in length. The package also includes an M42 synthetic nut for secure attachment.

The MFA006408 SPOUT HANDGUN PNEUMATIC is equipped with a drip-free piston system, ensuring clean and accurate deposits without any mess or waste. The piston speed can be adjusted using the speed regulator, allowing you to slow it down for gentle and controlled deposits.

Operated by a stainless steel air cylinder, this spout provides reliable and efficient performance. It is designed to deposit products in or on baking trays, pieces of dough, jars, and other containers. Additionally, it can be used with conveyor belts, trays, and other surfaces, offering versatility in your production processes.

The MFA006408 SPOUT HANDGUN PNEUMATIC allows for easy portion control with its trigger operation. Simply press the trigger once for single portion control or hold it for multiple deposits, providing flexibility in your depositing tasks.

This spout is suitable for a wide range of products, from thin liquids to heavy substances. Whether you're working with sauces, batters, or dense fillings, the MFA006408 SPOUT HANDGUN PNEUMATIC ensures precise and controlled deposits.

Enhance your depositing processes with the MFA006408 SPOUT HANDGUN PNEUMATIC. Enjoy the convenience of the adjustable speed regulator, drip-free operation, and reliable performance for your liquid to heavy products. Achieve consistent and controlled deposits with ease using this high-quality spout.

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