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Spout Injection For Croissant For Single Outlet D 22,2 Mm/M42 Thread, 4 Injection Needles D 3,65 Mm X L 30 Mm


Introducing the MFA000163 SPOUT INJECTION FOR CROISSANT, a specialized tool designed to enhance your croissant-making process. This spout injection is designed for single outlet use, with a diameter of 22.2 mm and an M42 thread. It comes with four injection needles, each with a diameter of 3.65 mm and a length of 30 mm.

The MFA000163 SPOUT INJECTION FOR CROISSANT is specifically crafted to inject croissants through the bottom in one go, allowing for efficient and precise filling. Whether you're injecting sweet or savory fillings, this tool ensures consistent and accurate results, transforming your croissants into delectable treats.

The tool is suitable for a wide range of products, from semi-liquid to semi-heavy consistencies. Whether you're working with custards, creams, or other delicious fillings, this spout injection offers versatility and control, giving you the ability to achieve the desired texture and taste.

Crafted with quality and precision in mind, the MFA000163 SPOUT INJECTION FOR CROISSANT ensures reliable performance and durability. Its high-quality construction guarantees longevity, making it a trusted tool for professional bakers and passionate croissant enthusiasts.

Upgrade your croissant-making process with the MFA000163 SPOUT INJECTION FOR CROISSANT and experience the ease and precision of injecting fillings through the bottom. From sweet to savory, explore endless flavor possibilities and create croissants that are filled to perfection.

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