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Manually Adjustable MOBILE FRAME


Introducing the Mobile Frame for the Mini-Fill Electric Machine - the ideal solution for flexible and efficient filling tasks.

SKU: MFA005422, this mobile frame is equipped with four swivel wheels for seamless movement across your workspace. Mounted onto an adjustable-height table, this frame enables users to deposit fillings directly from the nozzle(s) onto various cookware, including baking sheets and trays, providing a streamlined solution for your filling needs.

The frame's specifications are designed to ensure versatility and ease of operation. It is manually adjustable, providing the ability to adapt to various requirements with minimal effort. If pneumatic adjustability is preferred, please see our other product - Item MFA006452. For those who require a stationary setup, we offer a tabletop frame as an alternative - Item MFA138378.

Compatibility is a key feature of this mobile frame. It works harmoniously with all types of Mini-Fill power bases and the Mini-Fill Electric machine. Moreover, it is compatible with all available accessories for the Mini-Fill Electric machine, adding to its versatility and functionality.

Opt for our mobile frame to enjoy enhanced mobility and efficiency in your filling tasks. It's a game-changer for those looking to optimize their production line.

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