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Mini-Fill Dosing Electro-Pneumatic Power Base 260 Watt / 110V;


Introducing the MFA006193/110V MINI-FILL DOSING ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC POWER BASE, a powerful and versatile tool designed to work in conjunction with filler units for precise and controlled dispensing of various products. This power base operates on 110V power supply and is equipped with a 260 Watt motor, making it suitable for a range of applications.

The MINI-FILL DOSING ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC POWER BASE features a user-friendly touch screen interface that allows you to control the amount of product to be dispensed, adjust the speed of dispensing, and choose from different dispensing modes. The modes include continuous dispensing, single/automatic dispensing, and a reverse cycle to prevent dripping.

With its 110V power supply and compatibility with a frequency of 50/60 Hz, the power base is designed to meet the electrical requirements of various settings. The 4 bar pressure ensures efficient and consistent dispensing of liquids, soft products, and even heavy or aerated substances.

Whether you're working with liquid fillings, soft creams, or aerated mixtures, the MFA006193/110V MINI-FILL DOSING ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC POWER BASE provides the precision and control you need to achieve accurate and consistent results in your production processes.

Upgrade your dosing capabilities with the MFA006193/110V MINI-FILL DOSING ELECTRO-PNEUMATIC POWER BASE. Experience the ease of touch screen controls, precise dispensing, and reliable performance for your liquid, soft, heavy, and aerated products.

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