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INJECTION SPOUT for Double Outlet Units (2" long x 0.26" inside diameter)


Use: Inject fillings into small pastries, such as Berliners, cupcakes, éclairs, muffins and profiteroles. Particles smaller than 0.14 inches in diameter will pass through this tube.

Specs: 2-inch (50mm) tube; 30°-angle tip; no slit
Inside Diameter of Tube: 0.14 inches (3.65mm)

Compatible Machines: Mini-Fill Electric

SKU: MFA000545


Item MFA000229: 1.6" (41mm) x 0.26" (6.52mm); 30° tip
Item MFA000546: 2" (50mm) x 0.26" (6.52mm);  30° tip/no slit
Item MFA005943: 2" (50mm) x 0.4" (9.7mm);  30° tip/no slit
Item MFA000547: 4.7" (120mm) x 0.26" (6.52mm);  30° tip/no slit
Item MFA000549: 4.7" (120mm) x 0.4" (9.7mm); 30° tip/no slit
Item MFA000548: 6.3" (160mm) x 0.26" (6.52mm); 30° tip/no slit
Item MFA000550: 6.3" (160mm) x 0.4" (9.7mm); 30° tip/no slit

Item MFA000552: 4.7" (120mm) x 0.26" (6.52mm); turtle tip/with slit
Item MFA000551: 4.7" (120mm) x 0.26" (6.52mm); turtle tip/no slit
Item MFA000553: 6.3" (160mm) x 0.4" (9.7mm); turtle tip/no slit
Item MFA000554: 6.3" (160mm) x 0.4" (9.7mm); turtle tip/with slit

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