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Pressure Disc for 4-gallon Filler Units


Presenting the Pressure Disc for 4-gallon Hopper - SKU: MFM001024. This must-have accessory for your Mini-Fill Electric Machine is designed to maximize the efficiency of your filling operations.

Once you've loaded your 4-gallon hopper with your chosen filling, simply place this pressure disc on top. Constructed from durable F/A synthetic material, this disc is built to endure repeated usage. The weight of the disc exerts pressure on the filling, pushing it downwards through the impeller assembly. This process facilitates a more effective and complete emptying of the hopper while the machine is in use.

The pressure disc is specifically designed to fit a 4-gallon (15-liter) hopper and is compatible with all 4-gallon Filler Units and corresponding Gear Assemblies. Thus, it integrates smoothly with your Mini-Fill Electric Machine, augmenting its performance and efficiency.

With the Pressure Disc for 4-gallon Hopper, you can enhance your filling operations and ensure the fullest use of your Mini-Fill Electric Machine. This accessory is key to boosting productivity and making certain of optimal utilization of your hopper's capacity.

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