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Pneumatically Adjustable MOBILE FRAME


Introducing the Mini-Fill Electric Machine's Pneumatic Adjustable Mobile Frame - SKU: MFA006452. This game-changing piece of equipment is engineered to make your filling tasks more efficient and adaptable.

Incorporating a user-friendly design, this frame is mounted on a height-adjustable table, complete with four swivel wheels for easy maneuverability. It empowers users to deposit fillings directly from the nozzle(s) onto a variety of cookware items such as baking sheets and trays. Whether you're filling bottles, jars, or muffin pans of varying heights, this mobile frame is flexible enough to meet your diverse needs.

One of the standout features of this frame is its air-pressure-actuated pneumatic design. This cutting-edge feature adds power to the frame, making the process of adjusting heights fast, easy, and almost effortless.

This mobile frame is designed to work seamlessly with all power base types and is compatible with the Mini-Fill Electric machine. This interoperability extends to all available accessories for the Mini-Fill Electric machine, making it a highly versatile addition to your filling line.

Please note: if you prefer manual adjustability instead of pneumatic, you can opt for our manually adjustable frame - Item MFA005422.

Boost your productivity and adaptability with our Pneumatic Adjustable Mobile Frame. It's the smart choice for those seeking to optimize their filling operations.

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