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PRESSURE DISC for 0.8-gallon Filler Units


Introducing the Pressure Disc for 0.8-gallon Hopper - SKU: MFM005869. This accessory is designed to optimize your use of the Mini-Fill Electric Machine, making it easier to fully utilize your hopper's capacity.

After loading your 0.8-gallon hopper with the desired filling, you can place this pressure disc on top of your product. Designed with a F/A synthetic material, this disc is durable and made to withstand repeated use. The weight of the disc applies pressure to the filling, pushing it down and through the impeller assembly. This helps ensure an efficient and complete emptying of the hopper during operation.

The pressure disc is specifically designed to fit a 0.8-gallon (3-liter) hopper and is compatible with all 0.8-gallon Filler Units and corresponding Gear Assemblies. This means it can work seamlessly with your Mini-Fill Electric Machine, enhancing its functionality and efficiency.

With the Pressure Disc for 0.8-gallon Hopper, you can maximize your filling operations and ensure you get the most out of your Mini-Fill Electric Machine. It's the perfect accessory for enhancing productivity and ensuring optimal utilization of your hopper's capacity.

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