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Spout Injection For Single Outlet 30° Tip/No Slit, Tube Inside D 9,69 Mm X L 50 Mm


Introducing the MFA005937 SPOUT INJECTION, a versatile tool designed to elevate your pastry creations to new heights. This spout injection features a single outlet with a 30° tip and no slit, offering precise control over your filling process.

With a tube inside diameter of 9.69 mm and a length of 50 mm, this spout injection is perfect for injecting fillings into small-sized pastries such as profiteroles, Berliners, muffins, cakes, choux pastry, and more. Whether you're infusing delightful cream, custard, or other mouthwatering fillings, this spout injection ensures consistent and accurate results.

The MFA005937 SPOUT INJECTION can accommodate a wide range of pastry consistencies, from soft and delicate to heavy and aerated. The effectiveness of the injection varies based on the diameter of the spout, allowing you to tailor your technique to achieve the desired texture and presentation.

Not only does this spout injection excel in filling pastries, but it also opens up possibilities for incorporating additional elements into your creations. With the ability to handle particles such as seeds, you can add a delightful crunch or a burst of flavor to your pastries, enhancing both taste and texture.

Crafted with precision and durability in mind, the MFA005937 SPOUT INJECTION ensures reliable performance and easy maintenance. Its high-quality construction guarantees longevity, making it a trusted tool for professional bakers and passionate pastry enthusiasts.

Elevate your baking skills with the MFA005937 SPOUT INJECTION and unlock a world of creativity. From delicate cream puffs to scrumptious muffins, this versatile tool empowers you to create pastry masterpieces that will leave everyone craving for more.

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