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Manually Adjustable TABLETOP FRAME


Introducing the versatile Tabletop Frame for the Mini-Fill Electric Machine - a practical solution for diverse filling tasks.

This tabletop frame, SKU: MFA138378, smartly attaches to any Mini-Fill power base, offering users the ability to effortlessly adjust the height of their filling machine. It's perfect for tasks that require different heights, such as filling muffin pans, bottles, jars, and other various cookware.

The frame's specifications highlight its convenience and compatibility. It is manually adjustable, ensuring ease of operation, and is designed for tabletop mounting, offering a stable and secure base for your filling tasks.

For those seeking a mobile setup, please consider our other offerings: Items MFA006452 (pneumatically adjustable) and MFA005422 (manually adjustable).

Compatibility is a key feature of this tabletop frame. It pairs seamlessly with all types of Mini-Fill power bases and the Mini-Fill Electric machine. Furthermore, it also supports all available accessories for the Mini-Fill Electric machine, enhancing your filling process with added functionality.

Opt for our tabletop frame and experience a new level of convenience and efficiency in your filling tasks.

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