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Spout Injection For Donut For Single Outlet D 22,2 Mm/M42 Thread, D 65 Mm, 6 Injection Needles D 3,65 Mm X L 30 Mm


Introducing the MFA000829 SPOUT INJECTION FOR DONUT, a specialized tool designed to enhance your donut-making process. This spout injection is designed for single outlet use, with a diameter of 22.2 mm and an M42 thread. It features a donut-shaped tip with a diameter of 65 mm and comes with six injection needles, each with a diameter of 3.65 mm and a length of 30 mm.

The MFA000829 SPOUT INJECTION FOR DONUT is specifically crafted to inject fillings into donuts. With its unique donut-shaped tip, this tool ensures precise and efficient filling, resulting in consistently delicious donuts.

It is suitable for a range of soft to semi-heavy products. Whether you're injecting creams, custards, or other delightful fillings, the MFA000829 SPOUT INJECTION FOR DONUT offers versatility and control, allowing you to achieve the desired texture and taste in your donuts.

Crafted with quality and precision in mind, the MFA000829 SPOUT INJECTION FOR DONUT ensures reliable performance and durability. Its high-quality construction guarantees longevity, making it a trusted tool for professional bakers and donut enthusiasts.

Enhance your donut-making process with the MFA000829 SPOUT INJECTION FOR DONUT and experience the ease and precision of injecting fillings. Create delicious filled donuts with consistent results every time. Elevate your donut game and delight your customers or guests with a variety of enticing flavors.

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